Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ignorance and... delusion? Saturday's NYT

Musings on Saturday's New York Times:

* How some IMAX theatres (notably in science museums in the South) are refusing to show any documentaries remotely related to evolution, geology, the Big Bang, or Darwin (among other 'controversial' topics), for fear of retribution from fanatical believers. Let's pander to the ignorance of the mobs, why don't we. Isn't it bad enough we can't get evolution in the textbooks without equal time to creationism?

* About equal time -- C-Span planned to air a segment by a guy who thinks the Holocaust didn't happen to balance their coverage of a new book by the woman who was sued by that guy for calling him (basically) a charlatan. She won in court, but now has to deal with C-Span's fairness rules. García Márquez is right; we live in Macondo!

* A fourteen-year-old child prodigy kills himself. His mother is proud of him, because he was so "spiritual" that he died to donate his organs to needy patients. Is she grief-stricken, deluded, or merely nuts? She claims he was well-adjusted and not depressed. Based on results, I would say not.

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