Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Lyra's quest

I finished The Golden Compass yesterday. I was surprised by what Lyra's betrayal turned out to be -- I thought it was very well done and I wasn't expecting that plot twist. The reunion between Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter on the mountaintop felt a lot more contrived, though I suppose in the end each acted according to his and her character.

My favorite part (after Lyra tricking the bear king) was the discussion between the witch and the balloon operator. He's complaining that no one paid him to get in the middle of a war and she's explaining how witches are different because they're not motivated by financial gain. "I just don't have your sources of satisfaction" he replies. That's a classic! And don't we all make decisions based on our own particular 'sources of satisfaction'?

This morning, while supervising the test to my Brit lit students, I started on The Subtle Knife, the second volume of the Dark Materials trilogy. I'm interested to see why the other world in which Lyra and Will meet doesn't have any signs of life. I also hope that Lyra's idea --that our kind of humans (Will's kind) has daemons, we just have them inside us-- is developed further. And why is Will's missing father so interesting to the mysterious men?

Another interesting point -- Lyra was comforted when the alethiometer revealed that Will is a murderer. She considers murderers trustworthy... I wonder why, really?

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