Thursday, March 31, 2005

On Haunted Ground

I'm reading a new book -- hey, after last night's disappointment I had to do something. My pick this time is a mystery, Haunted Ground by Erin Hart. It's the first in a new series featuring Irish archeologist Cormac Maguire and American pathologist (and bog body enthusiast) Nora Gavin. (The second one in the series, Lake of Sorrows, was published in hardcover this past October.)

I'm really enjoying it -- the language is so lovely and richly nuanced. The characters are interesting and well-drawn. Such a relief after that other dud!

A little taste:

Here Cormac is driving his jeep when it is surrounded by a flock of crows:

"A second bird joined it, then another, and another, in rapid succession until the topmost part was enveloped in a whirling mass of dark wings and a cacophony of croaking calls. The sight touched that place inside him, unrevealed to anyone, where he tucked away such otherwordly images and impressions, things connected somehow to myth and memory, to times and places that humankind could not completely understand" (p36).


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