Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A reader's progress through Fasman's The Geographer's Library

I'm really enjoying Fasman's first novel, The Geographer's Library -- especially the twin narrative threads. One chapter is set in present day New England, where recent college grad turned small town reporter Paul Tomm is investigating the death of a reclusive, eccentric professor at his alma mater. What started out as a simple obit is turning out to be a more perplexing assignment for Paul, who's also battling his hormones and his common sense with a pretty music teacher who was the dead professor's only friend. The next chapter is always a mixed bag; some sort of narrative (can be a letter, an academic entry, or a novelistic story) related to an artifact, which is then described and catalogued. These two kinds of chapters alternate. You get a sense that at some point both narrative threads will collide, but I haven't gotten there.

I also thoroughly enjoy Fasman's writing style -- it's witty, as well as intelligent. I'll transcribe some of my favorite lines from the novel when I finish it -- Right now I just want to keep reading!

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