Friday, March 18, 2005

Today's New York Times

Got my caffeine fix at Starbucks while reading both the NYT and USA Today. Some interesting stuff to share:

* A cover article on the NYT on "un-volunteering" -- how some of our volunteer soldiers are trying to avoid going (back) to Iraq, using methods from applying for "conscientious objector" status (easier said than done) to fleeing to Canada to purposefully failing drug tests... Reading the article, I could almost feel the desperation of these soldiers. It reminded me of a Newsweek article this week about the 1600 American kids who have lost a parent in Iraq (but what about the countless --really, the uncounted-- Iraqi children who have been orphaned?).

* Another NYT cover article: barbers in Iraq are being murdered for giving customers Western-style haircuts and shaves. This is even more insidious terrorism than the flashier car bombs and suicide bombers. Probably more effective at controlling the average Iraqi too.

* Also from today's NYT: 2 articles showcasing the absurdity of religion, Christian style -- one on the fringe church who had several members killed in a murder/suicide last weekend, and another on a group of skateboarding evangelists (favored by born again Baldwin brother Stephen). Who knew skateboards were Jesus's favored sports equipment?

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