Thursday, March 17, 2005

Update on the fate of Cohen's Book Doctor

I'm sure you're all dying to know my decision about Esther Cohen's latest: keep going? chuck it? speed read?

I've decided to keep going. After all, I have already made it to chapter 10, and the letters from prospective clients to book doctor Arlette are amusing. I also keep telling myself other readers find Cohen really funny... And let's face it, I did spend $23 on this hardcover. So all those reasons, coupled with remnants of you've-got-to-finish-every-book fervor left over from my childhood, mean I'll finish. I must admit I am curious as to how the love affair between Arlette (the eponymous book doctor) and her lawyer/aspiring author client develops.

Will keep you posted. (Any Cohen fans out there that could help me appreciate her style a little more?)

I'm also still savoring Pullman's The Subtle Knife. Lyra's story is so good I don't want to rush through it (though at my regular reading speed I could have finished the entire trilogy long before now).

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