Saturday, April 09, 2005

Barnes & Noble to 'demote' Discover program

Publishers Weekly is reporting that effective in May Barnes & Noble stores will no longer give prime display space to B&N’s Discover program to promote new writers. They will instead use their front of store display space to feature high margin items like books backed by publishers’ coop money, their own B&N imprints, remaindered books, and other non-book items. This, while disheartening, isn’t really all that surprising. B&N is a business, first and foremost. I just hope that they make it easy to find the books, even if they are not front and center.

I don’t have a B&N nearby, but my two local Borders stores don’t even have a special section for their Original Voices selections (they’re shelved in their regular sections and only sometimes pointed out through little shelf cards… pathetic.)

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