Friday, April 15, 2005

Check out Mitch Cullin's Blurb Project

Thanks to MJ Rose for pointing us to this amusing site (an author's page on a publisher's official website, no less), which offers another take on the quest for the holy blurb. It even provides fill-in-the-blank examples for your own use. Rock on, Mr. Cullin!

2 observations:

  • The Blurb Project did make me want to buy Mitch Cullins's new book, A Slight Trick of the Mind, which I had already heard about but hadn't bought... And isn't that what publisher websites are all about -- selling books? Kudos!

  • I really hate blurbs that contain false superlatives, overstating the work's true qualities. For example, "an extraordinary novel", "a brilliant debut novel", "a tour de force"... when the book is neither extra-ordinary nor especially brilliant (though it indeed is "funny", "poignant", "evocative" -- all excellent qualities that, while perhaps more mundane than "extraordinary" and "brilliant", are ultimately more truthful and satisfying. So please, blurb-makers, publishers, and authors: keep it honest!

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