Friday, April 15, 2005

Do a little bookstore tourism today!

Blogosphere surfing yielded an interesting website promoting an equally interesting concept: bookstore tourism. Basically, it means making special day trips (or longer visits) to areas that have interesting independent bookstores (and author-related sites) -- it's just a more organized way of doing what we booklovers do naturally: visiting bookstores wherever we go. I know that I've visited bookstores all over the world (I seek them out even in places where I don't speak --or read-- the language); it's fun to see what kinds of books are displayed, what their merchandising is like, and of course, if I can score some good buys. I started bringing boxfuls of books when I was about 10 years old, and have kept it up ever since.

The originator of the bookstore tourism concept, Lary Portzline, also has a new blog devoted to the topic, as well as a book. In his blog, he has an entry on how he self-published his book, including an explanation of why it's important to get an ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

Let's go visit some bookstores, people! The books await!

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