Saturday, April 02, 2005

In today's NYT...

... there's possibly the weirdest news photograph I have ever seen. I wish my scanner were working so I could post it here; it's worthy of sharing.

This is a large photograph: on the foreground there is the headless body of President Bush with his hand on a podium bearing the presidential seal. His wedding ring is quite prominently displayed. In the center portion, framed between the podium and the president's body is the disembodied head of Laura Bush, who is looking at his body... the effect is eerie, to say the least, and subversive as well. A headless husband, a bodiless wife; a (figurehead?) president without a head (or maybe without a thought in his head?), a first lady who is nothing but a face...

The photo is credited to Doug Mills of The New York Times, so this was taken expressly for the paper. (Not like the Corbis archival photo in that same page of President Bush flanked by prominent Republican senators (all looking like little lead soldiers...).)

If you want a look, it's on page A11 of the Saturday New York Times.

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