Wednesday, April 06, 2005

More about Marilynne Robinson

Strolling through the blogosphere again, I found Patry Francis's account of having dinner at Marilynne Robinson's house. Francis's entry also includes her thoughts on Housekeeping and Gilead. (She loved both.):

Unlike Housekeeping, which I devoured, Gilead is a novel to be read slowly. I allowed myself only three or four pages a night. More than that and I felt as dizzy as I was standing before a selection of unfamiliar wines those many years ago. It is a novel of the senses, of the heart and mind, but most of all it is a novel of that wan and underfed guest: the soul.

Via Pages Turned, one of my daily stops in the blogosphere.

[Did anyone else notice that Gilead is now #14 at Amazon and shipping in days not 24 hours?]

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