Friday, April 15, 2005

My first reading copy arrived!

Last night I received my very first reading copy since becoming a litblogger! I used to get a lot of advanced reading copies when I was a bookseller, but that was more than five years ago...

The book is Cover the Butter, the first novel by Carrie Kabak, who used to be a succesful illustrator of children's books. She gave that gig up to become a full-time fiction writer.

Pub data: $23.95 hardcover to be published by Dutton in June 2005

Genre: chick lit

First impressions: This is not a book I would have picked up at the local bookstore, because I don't find the cover or the title immediately appealing (which is usually what triggers my book-perusing instincts). So I guess it's a good thing I had already decided to read it! Plus, the author promised that the reason for the title choice would become apparent within the first three chapters. What seems to be the summary for the inside flap of the dust jacket does mention that the protagonist has "one crazy mother too repressed to leave the butter uncovered." If I had gotten so far as to read that in the bookstore, that would have soothed some of my title-related worries.

I have started reading it and will post more about it later, I promise.

By the way: If anyone out there wants to send me other advanced reading copies, please do so! I can't promise to read them all (I might be buried under an avalanche of books), but I will do my best. Just know that I will post my honest opinions, good, bad, or middling. To get my snail mail address, just e-mail me.

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