Monday, April 11, 2005

Now reading (and enjoying): Heredity by Jenny Davidson

Over the weekend I received my copy of Jenny Davidson's first novel, Heredity (Soft Skull Press $14). So far it's highly enjoyable -- I'll keep you posted.

A tease:

In this little excerpt, narrator Elizabeth Mann talks about both her minimum-wage job as a glorified fact-checker for a budget travel guide and her new passion for executed 18th century felon Jonathan Wild:

Three weeks into the travel guide work, a familiar malaise has hit me. I have a passion for research, but it's bad luck for my editor that I find the past so much more engaging than the present. I have a toxic inability to carry through on projects I don't like. I'm sleeping late, then drifting in to the British Library around eleven for a session with the eighteenth-century pamphlets that recount the life and crimes of Jonathan Wild. (p53)

BTW, Jenny is a fellow blogger. Drop by for a visit at Light Reading.

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