Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Still sick...

... and reading a lot of erotica (comfort reading extraordinaire -- I love Ellora's Cave!) and watching too much tv.

I watched the finale of Amazing Race (I am totally addicted!) -- I wanted Rob and Amber to win... yes, he's unapologetically machiavellian but his relationship with Amber is wonderful. Not once during the whole season did they ever yell or insult each other -- they were the only couple who didn't. In my book, that's pretty special. I just wish Puerto Ricans weren't so susceptible to sob stories; then Joyce and Uchena wouldn't have been able to get on the flight from San Juan to Miami when the door was already closed and the walkway retracted. Oh well, here in my part of the world we sometimes are a little too nice!

There was also quite a long and interesting spoof of news networks' coverage of blogs on tonight's The Daily Show...

Now I'm off to cuddle with my Kleenex. I've got lots of good books to talk about still (those two memoirs and two novels), plus of course, all that erotica (some of it quite good). So, see you tomorrow, folks!

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