Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Sunday's concert was terrific! Antonio Orozco is a wonderful singer/songwriter from Spain, who mixes traditional Spanish rhythms with rock and pop sounds. It was his first solo concert outside Spain, and he performed in front of an appreciative audience -- we liked him even better for performing while injured: during the third song he apparently twisted his ankle and was hobbling around for the next hour and a half. As you can see, he's also a good-looking guy, even though he dresses like a homeless person (really).

After the concert we went to check out my Aunt's new digs -- on Friday she bought a new beachfront apartment just a couple of blocks from ours. Shopping for the new apartment has consumed a lot of my time lately; she likes having company while choosing furnishings and accessories.

More shopping yesterday, and then we went to the movies -- I confess: we saw Monster-in-Law... it was better than I expected (admittedly, I didn't expect much...)... To complete the mindless entertainment double-header, we saw the Miss Universe Pageant. Hey, I can claim both the movie and the pageant were watched for patriotic reasons -- JLo is Puerto Rican (from the Bronx, but still...) and we were rooting for the Puerto Rican contestant, who was apparently a front runner. And indeed she was -- she came in first runner-up. Plus, my extended family got together for pizza and put-downs, which is always fun.

Not so fun -- towards the end of the pageant, we blew a fuse. Literally. Half the apartment went dark. Worse still: the air conditioning was out. Horror! My bedroom also lost power; that's where my computer is, so no posting for me then either. And no power today either, since the electricians spent quite a few hours rewiring and installing new fuses. But everything's back to normal now, fortunately!

Not much reading going on. I've been in a funk the last few days...

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