Monday, May 23, 2005

When will this semester be over?

The semester is dragging to a close, a couple of weeks later than usual, due to the students' enthusiastic but ultimately futile attempt to stop a tuition increase (the first in over a decade). And I'm just so tired...

Plus, how many times can you keep a straight face when a student claims his disk just won't open, every printer at the university is out of ink, paper, toner... or perhaps a relative has died --or been seriously injured... One of my colleagues had a student who very calmly informed her that her baby daughter had just died (it turned out her 18-month-old niece was sick, but not dying); another had a student hand in a portfolio with a forged paper -- yes, forged. It's apparently no longer enough just to plagiarize; the girl had copied the professor's handwriting to write comments on a 'draft' -- and she even signed the paper using the professor's initials. Of course, the artful student didn't know that my colleague keeps track of the drafts she corrects, so... busted!

[Have been reading a lot -- will post reviews and comments ASAP (as soon as I dig myself out from under the piles of student quizzes, papers, tests...)]

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