Monday, June 06, 2005

Just read: Some Danger Involved by Will Thomas

I just finished a wonderful mystery set in Victorian England. In Some Danger Involved, first-time author Will Thomas introduces an eccentric and utterly compelling detective duo. Cyrus Barker is a prosperous private enquiry agent with a mastery of arcane martial arts, a love of all things Oriental, and a gift for languages. He needs a new assistant, since his last one was found floating in the Thames with a bullet hole between his eyes. Thomas Llewelyn, a widowed, penniless, former Oxford student who just got out of prison, answers Barker's ad, "some danger involved in the performance of duties" notwithstanding. After putting Thomas through a rather unusual interview, Barker hires him, providing food, shelter, reading material, and a complete new wardrobe. And when a young Jewish scholar is found crucified in the middle of the Jewish Ghetto's busiest street, Barker and Thomas tackle their first case together... and attempt to find a murderer while averting a pogrom against London's Jewish population.

To Kingdom Come, the second installment of the Barker/Llewelyn series has just been published in hardcover.

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