Thursday, June 02, 2005

Just seen: Empire Falls

I just spent the afternoon watching the Empire Falls miniseries on HBO. It's based on the Pulitzer prize-winning novel by Richard Russo, who also wrote the screenplay. I admit I have not gotten around to reading the book yet (which I always try to do before I see an adaptation), but I really enjoyed this movie. I wonder how it stacks up to the original, though.

Some parts of the film seemed a little forced; the foreshadowing too obvious. For example: the weird outcast kid is seen arriving home and petting a scrawny dog. The next shot is of his dark house and we can hear the screech of a dog in pain. Now I ask you: what do you think is going to happen with that kid? Haven't we all heard ad nauseam about how hurting animals is a trait of serial killers? And what about all the closeups of the exacto knife in the girl's backpack -- you'd have to be blind and stupid not to figure out something will happen with that knife...

Still, it's a good movie. I'd recommend it. Now, to find that book... I'm sure it's somewhere in the stacks in my room...

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