Friday, June 10, 2005

Does anyone else...

... think it's in really bad taste for GM to announce that it will reduce its domestic workforce by 22% and premiere a new campaign offering their cars at the employee discount -- all in the same week? If the people in the new commercials are actual GM employees, I hope they're not going to be on the chopping block. Now THAT would be in bad, bad taste! (And by the way, can you believe the GM head honcho's name is Mr. Wagoner?)

Monday, June 06, 2005

Just read: Some Danger Involved by Will Thomas

I just finished a wonderful mystery set in Victorian England. In Some Danger Involved, first-time author Will Thomas introduces an eccentric and utterly compelling detective duo. Cyrus Barker is a prosperous private enquiry agent with a mastery of arcane martial arts, a love of all things Oriental, and a gift for languages. He needs a new assistant, since his last one was found floating in the Thames with a bullet hole between his eyes. Thomas Llewelyn, a widowed, penniless, former Oxford student who just got out of prison, answers Barker's ad, "some danger involved in the performance of duties" notwithstanding. After putting Thomas through a rather unusual interview, Barker hires him, providing food, shelter, reading material, and a complete new wardrobe. And when a young Jewish scholar is found crucified in the middle of the Jewish Ghetto's busiest street, Barker and Thomas tackle their first case together... and attempt to find a murderer while averting a pogrom against London's Jewish population.

To Kingdom Come, the second installment of the Barker/Llewelyn series has just been published in hardcover.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Today in my family's history

Today is my parents' anniversary. Had my father lived, he and my mom would be celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary today. Theirs was quite a love story, which makes me wonder why I don't believe in true love myself...

My parents met forty-five years ago this summer, when my mom was just a fifteen year-old high school girl away from home from the first time. She was attending a summer camp for gifted students sponsored by the state university; he was a seventeen-year old college student who drank too much and partied too hard with his frat buddies. Still, somethiing must have clicked between my shy mom and my outgoing dad, because they became inseparable that summer. It must have helped that she was staying at his house (his family ran a guest house)...

They married four years later, the day after my mom graduated from college. Four years after that they had me...

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