Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Currently hibernating

Yes, I know it's almost summer, but I've been in hibernation lately. A recurrence of depression, mostly... Since I was 21 I've been battling chronic major depression, and it's been paying me a little visit lately. Depression for me is not at all about sadness; it's all about (corrossive, vitriolic) negative thoughts, lack of will and motivation, and scattered concentration. Not conducive to blogging, or indeed, much of anything, except brooding. I take my antidepressants daily, exercise regularly, and just soldier on; I did spend 10 years in therapy, including a month-long stint in a psych ward, so I've learned to manage it, live through it. It doesn't really make it any easier to slog through, though.

Thanks to everyone that has sent me messages and good wishes -- your concern is much appreciated!

I'm sure the mood will upswing soon, and I'll be back to reading and blogging with passion again.

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