Monday, June 20, 2005

Hanging in there

I'm taking care of myself, riding out the storm of negative thoughts and listlessness... I have been reading a little, very slowly.

I enjoyed reading the first Michael Ohayon Mystery by Batya Gur, The Saturday Morning Murder: A Psychoanalytic Case. It's slow going at first, but well-worth it. Plus it's so nice to have a detective that doesn't know everything... I've started the second one, Literary Murder: A Critical Case, but I'm only midway through the first chapter. I learned about Batya Gur when she died recently and many bloggers praised her work, so I felt compelled to track down her five mysteries.

I've read a few Ellora's Cave erotic romances, which I've mostly enjoyed. I do hate one Ellora's Cave author with a passion: S.L. Carpenter. Bad writing, bad plotting, bad sex... Avoid at all costs. BTW, I was surprised to see an Ellora's Cave ad in the NYT Book Review a few weeks ago...

I also read Renegade by Diana Palmer. She's quite a prolific romance writer, known for her sexually innocent/inexperienced/feraful heroines and strong, conflicted heroes. This one fits her pattern, but it's one of her best in a long time.

And I finally read MJ Rose's The Halo Effect, which I quite enjoyed.

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